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Welcome to Police Humor Shop
Welcome to the Police Humor Shop! A collection of funny police phrases and sayings on t-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel. The Police Humor Shop offers a number of great gifts for policemen, police women, police kids, deputies, sheriff's, troopers,
Internet crime humor shirts. Funny police shirts. Gifts for police officers, geeks and nerds. Police woman gifts and shirts.
2 billion suspects online
Great humorous design for any member of the law enforcement community. Wonderful gift for prosecuting attorneys, judges, juries, cops and more.
T-shirts and gifts for members of the jury. Funny Jury t-shirts. Policewoman birthday and Christmas gifts.
I see guilty people
Funny police humor design that includes a target and the words, "Run and you'll get a visit from the bullet fairy". Great gift for the police officer in your life.
The Bullet Fairy, blue text
The police cruiser renamed. It's now the Donut Dugout. Law enforcement officers spend most of their day in their squad car, so it's the perfect place for the police officer to eat his donuts.
Donut Dugout
Ironic isn't it that the cops never think it's as fun or funny as you do. The police just don't get into some games that people play.
It's all fun and games till the cops show up
Criminals can run but eventually the long arm of the law will sniff you out and arrest you and all you'll get out of it is going to jail tired.
If you run, you'll only go to jail tired
With over 2 billion people on the internet today and crime running rampant on the world wide web, how's an officer to keep an eye on them all?
2 billion suspects (black text)
If you're tired of parents who brag on thier little angle child the honor student this t-shirt is for you! Let the yuppie moms and dads know thier golden child isn't above the law and you're proud of your son too, because he can arrest little angel.
My son can arrest your honor student
When your perp whines about how tough life this cute phrase will allow you to agree and add that life is even tougher when you're stupid. Your perps stupidity is the reason he got caught.
Life is tough
Cops are alway ready for any situation that might arise, on or off duty.
Cops Rule
Suspects are forever running from the law, the criminal still hasn't figured out that you can't outrun a radio.
You can't outrun the radio
Quotas? The police don't have quotas, ie. "if you write 200 speeding tickets you win a toaster oven." The nice officer can write as many tickets as he wants.
No kid is perfect, but there parents think they are. Law enforcement knows better, they know which kids are the honor students at the juvenile detention center and have majored in petty crime.
Detention center honor student
Law enforcement officials are a positive thinking group, knowing that God made tomorrow for the suspects they didn't catch today.
God made tomorrow
Humorous and funny police sayings, quotes and phrases on t-shirts and more.
Handcuffs aren't designed for comfort
Support our troops. To serve and protect America is not an easy job. Our military service men and women need our support and love.
Support our troops
Funny police t-shirt with a target to aid in shooting the bad guys.
Bullet Fairy, (red text)
Perps look out! Wacky police humor shirts, with a message for the bad guys.
Bullet Holes
Law enforcement officers have a serious profession, not for the faint of heart. Police shirts with attitude.
Law Enforcement is not a spectator sport
A truthful twist on the Miranda Rights. Get a crook in handcuffs and they can't shut up. Funny police humor t-shirt.
The right ot remain silent
Funny police sayings, phrases and quotes on t-shirts and more
Run and you'll go to jail with taser burns
Swat, is not for the faint of heart. Swat t-shirts.
Run and I'll make you graffiti, funny police t-shirts.  Sarcastic and funny police sayings and quotes on t-shirts, sweat shirts and more.
Little Chalk Lines
Funny police sayings and quotes on t-shirts. Law enforcement humor t-shirts. Humorous police sayings and quotes on t-shirts and more.
Fool me once
YOu might beat the rap, but if you get arrested, you can't beat the ride to jail. Funny police sayings on t-shirts. Funny police quotes on t-shirts.
Paddy Wagon
Funny police, crime and punishment  t-shirts.
Electric Bleachers
Wild, wacky, funny police sayings on t-shirts and more. Cop humor shirts at their best.
2 Beers
Funny police and handcuffs sayings on t-shirts.
New Handcuffs
Funny Santa police design, just in time for Christmas, gift this funny Christmas police shirt to your favorite officer.
Christmas Cops
My uniform got dirty. Someone is going to jail. Funny police phrases, quotes and sayings on t-shirts and more.
The Dirty Uniform
Funny police phrases, quotes and sayings on t-shirts. Great humorous t-shirts for the cop in your life.
Can you run?
Funny cop shirts, funny k9 shirts, funny rottweiler shirts, funny law enforcement shirts, funny police shirts.
Officer Rottweiler
Funny K9 cop shirts, funny police phrases and sayings on t-shirts, German Shepherd shirts, K9 officer shirts, funny K9 cop shirts.
Officer Shepherd
K9 police shirts, officer bloodhound shirts, funny corrections officer shirts, police t-shirts, funny police phrases and sayings on shirts, police dog shirts, dog drug shirts, search dog shirts.
Officer Bloodhound
Funny police phrases and sayings on t-shirts and more. Funny police shirts, law enforcement humor shirts, funny sheriff shirs, funny police mom shirts, funny police wife shirts.
My Wife
Law enforcement humor shirts, funny police sayings and phrases on t-shirts and gifts, funny cop shirts, funny sheriff shirts, funny deputy shirts.
My Husband
Funny police shirts, police humor shirts, cop humor shirts, law enforcement humor shirts, funny sheriff shirts. Funny police sayings and phrases on t-shirts and more.
My Son
Police humor shirts, funny shirts for police officers, funny shirts for sheriff departments, law enforcement humor shirts.
Fun and Games
Funny police shirts, police humor shirts, funny SWAT shirts, funny cow shirts.
Shirts and gifts for corrections officers, funny shirts for jailers, funny jail shirts, funny prison shirts, prison guard shirts, funny prison guard shirts. prison guard gifts.
Police dog shirts, shirts for police dog handlers, drug dog shirts.
Alpha Dog
Funny police shirts, funny officer shirts, funny cops shirts, funny sheriff shirts, funny deputy shirts, funny trooper shirts, funny law enforcement shirts, police humor shirts, officer humor shirts, cop humor shirts, sheriff humor shirts, law enforcement
World's wackiest and most sarcastic police humor on t-shirts. Gifts for police officers.
Toaster Oven
Funny ATF agents and Redneck t-shirts. Gifts for ATF agents, rednecks, police officers, police women and other officers of the law.
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