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From the same febrile minds responsible for MoCool, the world's longest-running gathering of wired wine lovers. We've created several items featuring the MoCool 2008: Bordeaux x Cinq x Five logo, along with some vintage MoCool logo-wear. Enjoy!
MoCool 2008 T-Shirt
MoCool 2008 T-Shirt
21 colors | $26.00
MoCool 2008 Long-Sleeve T
MoCool 2008 Long-Sleeve T
6 colors | $30.00
MoCool 2008 Women's Fitted Baby Rib Tee
MoCool 2008 Women's Fitted Baby Rib Tee
5 colors | $29.00
MoCool is (almost) as much about the food as the wine -- so join Chef Alan sporting the finest in MoCool food service apparel!
MoCool 2008 BBQ Apron
Today's Below the Belt wines are even more popular than they were during MoCool 2000.  Just the thing to put under a glass of Argentine Malbec or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! (Better prices for sets of 4 or more.)
"Below the Belt" Cork-Bottom Coaster
MoCoool's most popular shirt, from the best-attended MoCool ever in 2001. Now available again ONLY in the original ash color.
MoCool 10 (2001): Tour de France T-Shirt
We may or may not have been the first to come up with the name Pinot Envy -- but we tasted the most Pinot Noir at MoCool 2002. The original was yellow, but check all the other colors that are now available.
MoCool 2002: Pinot Envy T-Shirt
20 colors | $27.00
Available for the first time, from the best-attended MoCool ever in 2001. Just the thing to wear when you're cooking French!
MoCool 10: Tour de France BBQ Apron
Direct from MoCool 2003 -- California Dreamin' -- where the girls all get so tan and the grapes so very, very ripe. Surf's up, Dude!
MoCool 2003: California Dreamin' T-Shirt
11 colors | $27.00
MoCool 1999: Hail that Cab! T-Shirt
MoCool 1999: Hail that Cab! T-Shirt
18 colors | $27.00
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