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If you're a store owner you can use your cleared commissions to purchase products on (including your own products). PFcash can be applied to any order just like real money.

How much PFcash do I have?

For every $1 of cleared commissions in your account you have $1 of PFcash. Check your earnings to see exactly how much PFcash you have accumulated. You will need to login to see this information.

How do I use PFcash?

You must be logged into your account to use PFcash. Add items to your shopping cart as usual. During checkout you will still need to enter your credit card information, however your card *will not* be charged unless your order amount exceeds the value of PFcash remaining in your account. After you have entered billing, shipping, and payment information you will see exactly how much PFcash you have available on the review page.

What if I don't have enough PFcash to completely pay for an order?

If your order total exceeds available PFcash your order will be discounted by the available PFcash and you can use any of our other payment options for the remainder of the balance.

Can I use PFcash to pay for sales tax and shipping charges?

Yes, PFcash works just like real money.

What if I return items paid for with PFcash?

PFcash will be credited back to your store owner account as cleared commission first, and then your credit or debit card will be refunded if the amount of returned merchandise exceeds the amount of PFcash used for the order.

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