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Lunch empowers. It's a break from the rest of the day, which hates us. These talismanic artifacts from another time (noon) imbue the wearer with the greatest ability known: slacking.
Unlike a Unicorn, the Manicorn can actually make things explode with his horn.  Beneath this shirt, hair will grow upon the chest of the wearer.
Grants the wearer increased adorability ratings, as well as providing an invisible virtual forest in which to be adorable.
The Surfer Squid slices and dices.  He catches a wave.  He eats maki.
Surfer Squid
The power of the Megaturkey enables its wearer to become delicious when served with cranberries.
Similar to the Surfer Squid, but more like a restaurant Sushi mat menu.
Squid Ninja Surfer Sushi
There are many things this man will not do.  He will list them for you in verse.  All with a voice of thunder from the face of a child.
Never Gonna
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