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Welcome to The "I Heart Taxes" Store
Thank you for visiting I Heart Taxes! We appreciate your business, and hope you'll enjoy our patriotic pro-tax T-shirts and mugs. All profits go to support the United States Treasury! Learn more about I Heart Taxes at
I Heart Taxes!
I Heart Taxes!
Choose from the following "Taxes Fight Fires" products!
Taxes Fight Fires
Back of shirt: "It's hard to imagine today, but as recently as the 1970s, American children growing up in deep poverty suffered from severe malnutrition.  Now the Food Stamp program helps 40 million Americans with their monthly food bills.  Thanks to taxe
Taxes Feed Kids
Famous Taxpayers
Famous Taxpayers
"I, like most Americans, think my taxes are fair."  Back: "Over 60 percent of Americans say their own taxes are fair.  That's true for Democrats and Republicans alike.  Taxes pay for the things we care about, like schools, roads, and the Fire Department."
Taxes Are Fair
Back of shirt reads: "President Kennedy pledged to send a man to the moon and launched a new age of American exploration.  Our tax dollars turned the impossible into reality.  Taxes keep us looking to the stars."
Taxes Put a Man on the Moon
Think the Bush tax cuts should have expired on schedule?  We've got the mug for you.
Don't Mess with Taxes
Taxes Pay Our Soldiers
Taxes Pay Our Soldiers
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