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Welcome to anarchafeminist hackerhive
Hi there feminist geeks!
ascii bees
For your anarchafeminist hacker hot liquid needs.
Hive mug Large Coffee Mug 15oz
Feminist hacker hive logo with ascii sig of the Hive List with little bees on the back.
Hive shirt deluxe with ascii Organic T-Shirt
11 colors | $30.99
Whaat, a feminist hacker laptop sleeve? How can this be?
Hive sleeve Laptop Sleeve
A shirt with the logo that is a weird pink molecule looking thing! Go with the flow. shirt Organic T-Shirt
11 colors | $25.99
Drink in style... one of the many geekfeminist ways possible. travel mug Travel Mug
Another variety with the femnist hacker hive logo and ascii bee sig on the back. It looks awesome. ENJOY!
Organic women's style shirt with Hive stuff Organi
10 colors | $31.99
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