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Original designs by Mark Hirschler
Cool and green.
Geraldine's Bouquet
Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague as seen from the porch of the queen's summer palace.
Saint Vitus Cathedral
A lively oil painting
Apocalypse Zombie
A shriveled head with lank, dark hair.
Uncle Morris
Horns and spikes adorn this diabolical skull. The holes in the skull allow the material underneath the design to shine through.
Horned Skull
It jumps out at you. One of my favorite brush and ink drawings.
It's tea time with the Duchess. Were you formally invited?
Unexpected Company
Bold brush strokes and delicate color form a vibrant picture.
A vile verdant villain.
A richly detailed brush and ink drawing with dense grey tones added digitally. A warm, witchy design that's sure to bring a gruesome smile to your face.
A drawing of Billeh relaxing in the kiddie pool with Kevin the Socialist Duckstick, and a whole lot of candy corn. Half of any profit I make on items bearing this design will be sent to BiPM for his own devious purposes.
Billeh in Candy Corn
This highly detailed image of a knitting dinosaur was created with a transparent background. Picture this beast on your favorite colors. It's sure to be an image that pops!
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