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Do you get a rush when the lyrics start to scroll up the monitor? Do you start to move a little bit more like a rock star when you get up on the stage? Are you able to hit all those high notes you thought you couldn't? Are you a KARAOKE SUPERSTAR?
Karaoke Superstar
Sell The Cheech
Sell The Cheech
Stay back! Don't touch me! I've got a garden gnome and I KNOW HOW TO USE IT.
Give me one good reason why you don't want America's favorite chihuahua adorning your chest. Go ahead! Give it! ...That's what I thought.
Aye, Chiwawa!
Do you need a new video card to run the latest massively-multiplayer first person shooter/RPG? Do you need static-resistant bags to store your extra RAM? Or maybe a 32GB flash drive? TO THE DORKMOBILE!
To the Dorkmobile!
Relive the days of yore. The days of mullets and Polaroid photos. The days when you and your friends just kicked it, old-school.
Kickin' It
George and Dave: Buddy Cops for life. Show your support for this display of brotherhood, fraternity, and man-love. With afros and huge collars.
George & Dave, Buddy Cops
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