Tap into the world’s best t-shirt printing & fulfillment service

Leverage the same network of production facilities Haagen-Dazs, World Wildlife Fund, NewRelic and other leading companies use for their promotional t-shirts & merchandise. We’re known for having the highest quality printing-time and time again. Instead of stockpiling pre-printed merchandise, we print everything on-demand after it’s ordered. Learn more about the largest on-demand production network, capable of handling tens of thousands of orders daily

High quality printing

The best equipment

Our direct-to-garment printing machines cost more than $200,000 each. And we have eight of them. The Kornit Storm Industrial DTG machines are the best money can buy. Why settle for anything less?

Fine-tuned for quality, not speed

Just like your home inkjet printer, our $200,000 printers have a “draft” and “high quality” mode. You know the difference. Draft mode is fast, and uses less ink. High quality is slow, and uses lots of ink. But high quality mode is the only way to get a beautiful print. Unlike others, we never skimp to save a few drops of ink or a few seconds time.

Huge print areas

Our standard apparel printing area is 13.5x 16.5″. That’s 2x bigger than some of our competitors. Our huge printing areas mean your designs come to life and really look great. We never charge extra for “oversized” prints.

Quality control

The real secret to our amazing, repeatable quality is our focus on quality control before, during, and after production. Before your item goes into production, a real human reviews the order for any issues. We check quality, positioning, and other details. During production we use touch-screens, barcode scanners, and highly trained employees to double and triple check every detail. After production your order is checked at a quality control station before being packaged & shipped to the customer. All in all, five to six different skilled employees check the quality of every order before it’s sent out the door.

Packaging as beautiful as the items inside

Packaging does more than protect items during transit. It sends a message about your brand. It’s the first thing your customers see when UPS shows up at their front door. Our packaging is plain white or brown. Packing slips are carefully folded inside the box, with your logo at the top, not ours.

Craftsmen, not factory workers

Our employees are experienced craftsmen, not factory workers. They take pride in their work, and we pay them well. Extensive training and a love for printing results in high quality work. When you partner with Printfection, you’re enlisting a close-knit team of skilled print operators. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not operate churn and burn factories.

Largest on-demand printing network

Multiple production facilities nationwide

We print & ship orders from three facilities located in Colorado, and New York. Orders are routed to the facility closest to the customer. Even with regular ground shipping, orders arrive in just a few days.

International experts

Put our international shipping expertise to your advantage. We ship to every major country and handle all of the customs forms, regulations, compliance, reporting, taxes, and other time-consuming and complicated paperwork. Orders arrive faster and cost less because of a special partnership with the world’s largest overseas delivery company, DHL.

Fast, consistent turnaround times

Our production facilities operate around the clock, producing and shipping orders in record time. Many orders are printed and shipped within 24 hours. Even during the busiest times of the year, we custom produce and ship your orders within a few days.

No inventory investment

Save money

Inventory is very expensive. Here’s a typical scenario: three designs in your store on various products: T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and a few others. White, black, and one other color. Kids and adult sizes. You want at least 6 of each SKU in-stock. When you add it all up, that’s about 10,000 inventory items. Assuming an average cost of $5 wholesale per item, you’ve already spent $50,000 buying inventory. Woah!

Stop guessing

Predicting what customers will buy is an expensive guessing game. Overcompensate and you’re stuck with a bunch of leftovers nobody wants. Be conservative and everything runs out of stock. Either way you lose. Stop playing the inventory guessing game. Instead, offer a virtual catalog that never goes out of stock. Since items are printed on-demand after they are ordered, you can sell thousands of SKUs with exactly zero inventory.

Seize the moment

With no inventory to worry about you’re free to unleash all sorts of crazy ideas. Try some new designs, run limited time specials, offer 5XL sizes and kids stuff too. You never really know what might sell, so go ahead and get creative. There’s no inventory holding you back.

Free your office

Why have boxes and boxes of t-shirts laying around your office, filling up your garage, or collecting dust in your basement? Stop pretending you’re a distribution center and regain valuable square footage. With print-on-demand technology, you can kiss those annoying boxes goodbye.