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Dark & Gothic Designs
Dark angels, creepy skulls, gloomy creatures and fantastic gothic art designs for all that love a bit of the dark touch
A unique fantasy design - a beautiful winged female warrior - an avenging angel so to speak - kneeling and holding a sword. A design with a difference for lovers of fantasy art.
Avenging Angel
A mysterous dark angel standing in front of a pentacle - a gothic feeling surrounds this design for people that like a bit of dark, magical touch to their t-shirts!
Dark Angel
A mysterious ornamental shield with wing like shapes decorating the sides - and in the center a ram´s head. A gothic design, reproduced from a unique pencil drawing. And perfect for fantasy and goth geeks!
Ram´s Head
A skull that certainly doesn´t look human, and ornamental designs that remind of celtic art. The Vampire rising again? A perfect original pencilart design for all goth geeks and dark art lovers.
Vampire Rising
Two evil eyes on a devil like creature watching a hand holding up a horned skull, a dark design that will be perfect will all those with a gothic taste!
Watching the Skull
A horned skull on an ornamental disk, surrounded by tribal-like ornaments, with a nasty snake winding through. A gothic art design with a difference. Perfect as a gift for people who love the dark arts.
Skull & Snake
Unique pentacle and bat design: all textured in chrome, with the bat sitting in the center of the pentacle. A design for pagan art lovers, dark tastes and a love for the unusual!
Chrome Pentacle Bat
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