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Uncle Sam "Piss On You" Designs
Get rude and crude with one of our shocking Uncle Sam "Piss On" this and that designs! Leave no doubt as to what you REALLY think!
Take aim at one of the sacred cows of the liberal left; Global Warming.  Now tell folks like Al Gore what you think about their cockeyed theories with our Uncle Sam pisses on Global Warming design!
Piss On Global Warming Clothing & Gifts
Hey terrorists, Uncle Sam has a message for you!  Tell terrorists what you really think with our Uncle Sam pisses on terrorists design!
Uncle Sam Piss On Terrorists Clothing & Gifs
Leave no doubt in anyone's mind what you think about cowadly terrorists and their "jihad".
Piss On Jihad Clothing & Gifts
Want to make sure liberals really know what you think of them?  They've been pissing on America and our Constitution for years so let them know that they deserve the same!
Piss On Liberals Clothing & Gifts
Piss On Harry Reid Clothing & Gifts
Piss On Harry Reid Clothing & Gifts
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