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Anti-Liberal Designs
Stick it to the left with some of the most straight forward, hard hitting anti-liberal designs for clothing and apparel on the internet!
Barack Obama promises "hope" while peddling no hope unless you elect him?  He will say and doing anything to get elected so show everyone what you think of his message and false promises!
Barack Obama NO HOPE Design
Show your distaste for Barack Obama with this soviet style propaganda design - just say NOBAMA!
NOBAMA Political Design
Barack Obama is a master of Hopenosis.  Look into his eyes.  You know you want to come under his spell.  You are getting very sleepy ...
Barack Obama Master Of Hopenosis T-shirts & Gifts
Tired of liberal pussies getting in the way of fighting evil?  Well tell them how you feel with this updated propaganda poster style design!  Tell them "Out of the Way You Liberal Pussies!  We're Defending America!"
Out of the Way Liberal Pussies! Design
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has spend a lot of time taking on Christians while basically letting other religions be promoted with public funds.  They hypocrisy knows no bounds and now you can make a statement about what you think about the A
ACLU Enemy of the State Apparel & Gifts
Liberals love to trash the troops while claiming they aren't doing just that by criticizing the way they are fighting a war.  Now you can tell every left wing nut job you meet to please sit down and shut up and let our troops do their jobs!
Shut Up Liberals, We're Defending America Designs
Hey, what's that smell?  Oh my God!  Its a smelly, doped up hippie!  Ewww!  Get out of my face!  Perfect for all occasions where liberals are sure to gather!
Go Away You Hippie Apparel & Gifts
Democrats think that they have a right to as much money as they want from hard working Americans.  Now send a message with this updated propaganda poster design to STOP stealing our money!
Democrats Stop Stealing Money Clothing & Gifts
Liberals are about as American as dog crap pie.  Socialism was an anathema to the founders and you know it!
Liberals Are Unamerican Clothing & Gifts
Leave no doubt!  You've got a job and though it might not be the greatest, you still don't want any liberal "compassion"!
Up Yours Libs! (Rosie Riveter) Clothing & Gifts
The facts are the facts.  And the facts are that treason is not now nor has it ever been "patriotic".  So if you want to give aid and comfort to the enemy at least just admit that you aren't!
Treason Is Not Patriotic Apparel & Gifts
The ACLU runs around trying to deny the traditions of Christians because they are Christians and ignoring that we have freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion in this country!  So wish the ACLU a Merry Christmas!
Merry Christamas ACLU Apparel & Gifts
Don't let the ACLU and the secular humanists push you around.  You're too smart for their spin.  Remind them that you know we are still one nation under God ... whether they like it or not!
One Nation Under God ACLU Clothing & Gifts
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