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Misc Stuff
Mousepads, Coasters, etc
A coaster featuring the slightly dense and very unlucky main character of dream*scar, Vix! If your mugs and cups explode upon contact with this coaster, blame her, not me.
Vix Chibi Coaster
Kou will not tolerate your backwashing. Drink carefully.
Kou Chibi Coaster
I get the impression Arianna wouldn't mind being a coaster...
Arianna Chibi Coaster
Because you know you wanna cover that smug mug with a mug of your own. 8D *shot*
Lysander Chibi Coaster
Because seeing her through your glass is like putting her in her place -- I mean, really, hasn't anyone told this chick that water is not a solid?
Annie Chibi Coaster
Rylie, on a coaster. She wants to be used. ♥
Rylie Chibi Coaster
[G.I.] Jo in all her impulsive, feminist majesty.
Jo Chibi Coaster
That's all that's left behind ...
the skies, 
the sights, 
and a sweet caress --
he's the invisible man,
catch him if you can.
'Invisible Man' Coaster
...sooo, which one is the third wheel?
'You Jealous?' Coaster
Do you think of me? Do you dream of me? I always dream about you . . .
'Dream of Me' Coaster
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