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Welcome to Clever Designs - Humorous Math and Science Shirts
The home of funny astronomy shirts, humorous physics shirts, comical chemistry shirts, hilarious Linux shirts, and witty science limerick shirts. If you dig science, like math, or are a college student or teacher, you'll dig these designs.
Herein you'll find satirical t-shirt designs on topics including stargazing, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. See if you can get the humor, and often get the point.
Humorous Science Shirts
Check out these comical math shirts, sarcastic math shirts, amusing math shirts, zany Pi shirts. Pi Day shirts, and college humor shirts designed to show your interest in math.
Comical Math Shirts
Funny and clever science limerick t-shirt and coffee mug designs covering physics, astronomer, dark matter, dark energy, quantum physics, evolution, and more.
Witty Science Limericks
Humorous computer shirts, hilarious programmer geek shirts, witty Linux shirts, and zany Linux nerd shirts. You should check out these designs if you're a computer teacher, college student, systems analyst, or computer programmer.
Funny Linux Shirts
These funny, witty, humorous, and sarcastic t-shirt and coffee mug designs cover bad attitude, senior citizen, office humor, college humor, college lifestyle, and general humor.
Comical Shirts
These colorful abstract art t-shirt and coffee mug designs are created by multiple computer algorithms, fractal algorithms, and human augmentation. Perfect if you want to stand out.
Abstract Art Shirts
Don't just have a plain cutting board. Have one with panache and lots of shapes and colors. These computer generated patterns (with some artist augmentation) make wonderful designs.
Abstract Art Cutting Boards
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