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Welcome to Squirrel's Chess Shirt Store
Show your love to the game of kings by wearing a chess t-shirt! SquirrelChess T-shirts let you play chess in style. Makes a great gift for every chess fan!
A basic shirt design with the <a href="">Chess Squirrel</a> going after a peanut on the front or back of the shirt.
Going Nuts for Chess!
Wear the name of YOUR game in 11 different languages.  You might not understand what the guy on the other side of the board says, but you can still play chess with him.
Chess International
Chess shirt with the position from <a href="">The Immortal Game</a>  after 20. ... Na6.  Can you spot the mate in three moves?  This chess game is the most famous chess game in history.
The Immortal Game
The basic "Chess Player" line:  A chess t-shirt with a simple text design showing attention to details such as the embedded wooden chess board pattern.
Chess Player
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