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Welcome to Cartesian Bear: Witty s-f & tech t-shirts
Cartesian Bear Industries is a unique t-shirt shop, featuring witty designs related to science fiction, science, engineering, and gifted education. New products are being added frequently — stop by often!
Here are a variety of shirts featuring text and designs inspired by science fiction and fantasy literature. Includes a special section devoted to art inspired by Robert Heinlein. Only a few ideas now, many more to come.
Science Fiction & Fantasy T-shirts
Welcome to the section of my store I call "Gifted and Snarky". If you know someone who thinks gifted people are dull brains who do nothing but play chess and discuss the Hanseatic League, you <b>need</b> one of these shirts!
Gifted and Snarky Shirts
Why observe just the standard holidays? What about the days few celebrate? Official holiday or not, this is the spot for t-shirts for <b>your</b> special days. <b> And times!</b>
Odd Holiday Apparel
Show your association with science and engineering with a t-shirt from this section. Some designs also available on tote bags, mugs, travel cups, and mouse pads.
Shirts for Scientists, Engineers, & Their Friends
You've read stories where the mad scientist builds a spaceship in the back shed ... he's not a mad scientist, he's a <b>Mad Engineer</b>! If you are a Mad Engineer, or are loved by one, join the Union by buying official merchandise. No dues.
Union of Mad Engineers Apparel
Some designs don't fit into standard categories ... here you'll find all sorts of unusual tees and gift items, from ideas based on old politics to romance gone electronic to ... who knows? You never know what you'll find at Cartesian Bear.
Random Numbers, T-shirts and Gifts
The designs on these t-shirts were all created by young people, in sizes for kids and adults. Thanks, Kati!
Cub Designed Shirts
Do you like my t-shirts, but want to make a change to one of them? It can be done!
Custom Designs
Here are links to places I think you will like.
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