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 Antics Shirts
Thanks for visiting the Antics shirt store! Here you can browse our fine selection of quality wares, and perhaps purchase a shirt to delicately drape over your unclothed body parts. We hope you like what you see!
Let the world know about your love affair with the written word, using this literature-friendly shirt! SHOUT IT TO THE HEAVENS.
Books Are My Friends
This is the classiest shirt you are likely to see in your lifetime. No contest!
Farte Butte
Soon, we will fill this entire planet with robotic cowboys and laser dinosaurs. With this shirt you can get in on the ground floor, and like them BEFORE they're popular!

Do your friends know that sky whales are endangered? Do they even know that sky whales EXIST? Wear this shirt, and they will know both of those things. It's just that easy!
Sky Whale
This wolf is cool as heck, and he doesn't care who knows it! Slip your arms through these sleeves, and feel your popularity soar (note: smoking is not cool, he just has a problem)
Cool Wolf
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