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Enjoy these dog agility designs just as much as you enjoy dog agility. Fun and colorful dog agility designs for you or as a gift for an agility lover. Many styles of apparel in a wide variety of colors for fun and comfort at your next agility trial.
Agility - what could be simpler? Enjoy this dog agility design on a wide variety of long sleeved, short sleeeved, and sleeveless apparel. There is a wide choice of colors, styles and sizes.  Get  one as a gift for your favorite agility person.
Is it sunny? Time for dog agility! Is it cool and gloomy? The dog loves it - must be the right time for agility. Any time is the right time for agility.   This dog agility design appears on Women's Ts, Men's Tank, other varieties of apparel.
Agility Time
Before you think about what kind of dog you can win with, think about what kind of dog you can live with.  Agility is a game you can play with the dog you love.
Agility Breed
My dog would have been agility champion except that I got lost in every class and sent my dog of course in record time because I'm definetly not a top handler. Everyone has a backyard champion. This design pokes fun at our deepest agility desires.
Agility Champion
Agility equipment surrounds "I Leave Home for Agility." If you are an agility addict you rarely spend time at home. Nearly every weekend you and your dog leave home to go to a dog agility trial. This design is on the front only.
Leave Home v2
Canicross apparel - This t-shirt design says "I'm attached to my dog. I canicross" If you have a dog who likes to pull your dog will love canicross.
A humorous look at dog agility when the dog decides "Nevermind the numbered course, I have a better plan."  Sometimes the dog has a sense of humor and with these agility shirts we hope you do too.
Nevermind the Course
On this dog agility tee shirt the dog stands atop an aframe looking proud.  The dog's thought bubble says it all "Hey Look at Meeeee!" We've all seen those funny dogs that enjoy the view from the top of the a-frame.
Look At Meeee
Only a truly select few have earned a minus five points in agility snooker.  But you can wear this agility shirt proclaiming your membership anyway, as an honorary member you understand. You cursed but the judged didn't hear you.
-5 Point Snooker Club
Join the club with the big fat zero. If you have multiple zero point scores in dog agility snooker, join the club.  This dog agility shirt features the bar down on the infamous red jump, and the dog already entering the weave poles. What is there to say?
Zero Point Snooker Club
A bit of dog agility humor on these shirts. All the jump bars are on the ground, the dog is gleefully leaping through the last set. His thought bubble tells the story "I thought it was like bowling ... the more you knock down the better"
Agility Bowling
Agility is a game you play with your dog. Agility is part time, living with your dog is full time.  So the place to start is with a dog you can love. The best dog for YOU for agility is the dog you can love.
Best Dog For Agility
A classic dog agility t-shirt showing a dog finishing the crest of the a-frame and the text "Agility, An Over the Top Sport"
Agility Over the Top
These dog agility tee shirts,  tank tops, and sweat shirts remind us about WHY we do agility - Fun. So if you aren't having fun you are doing it wrong.  If you have made dog agility into a chore or work - wrong. Have fun, that's the agility way.
Agility Having Fun
The fun part of agility is making light of the mistakes that we make. This dog agility shirt shows a person falling to the ground, and thence invited to the "Agility Kiss the Dirt Club" Ptui brush off and go on.
Agility Kiss the Dirt
Looking for a special dog agility tee shirt, sweat shirt or tank top?  The person falling down is a unique perspective.  Above the figure is the text "I'm Falling for Agility"  Funny?
Falling For Agility
Maybe it is just as well that we can't hear what our dogs are thinking. This agility shirt shows the dog ducking into the tunnel while the handler yells "Tire".   The dog's thought bubble explains "Yo! Don't blame me I do what your body says"
Your Body Says
Don't you wish you could actually hypnotize the judge into giving you a Q?  Well maybe not, no accomplishment that way. Still this agility tee shirt ought to be good for a laugh with its hypnotizing swirl and "You will give me a Q" message.
Q Hypnosis
Agility is fun. Sometimes the dog has its own idea of fun. This dog is back jumping the double, out of sequence. His thought bubble says "Never mind the numbered course, I have a better plan!"  Sound familiar?
Nevermind the Numbers
A fun dog activity shirt, it is your lucky Q (qualifying) shirt.  With adequate practice and motivation this shirt can help you Q any time you wear it .... being (of course) defined by the ability to Q. Agility, rally, herding, it will bring a smile.
Lucky Q
Everyone who does dog agility knows about contact zones.  The dog on this dog agility shirt comments "I'm supposed to touch the yellow?" It makes us smile, sometimes.  Remember, agility is fun!
Touch the Yellow
On this agility t-shirt the dog mutters "Weave Weave Weave, she's stuttering again" Colorful agility equipment with a dog silhouette make for a bright and fun agility design.  This dog agility design is on other agility apparel such as sweatshirts, tanks
Weave Weave Weave
Great Dog, Pity About the Handler
Great Dog
This agility t-shirt says Whoops Still Qless Still having Fun.  The best agility runs aren't always the one that Q us.  We can make mistakes and still have fun. Enjoy this dog agility sweats, tee shirts and tanks.
Whoops No Q
The little dog stands at the bottom of the A-frame and asks if you are truly serious that he should climb that mountain. A cute dog agility cartoon on tee shirts, sweats, tanks and other apparel.
You Want What
You hear it at every agility trial - the handler "reminds" the dog to touch that contact zone by repeating "touch touch touch" One of the quirks of dog agility shown on tee shirts, tanks tops and sweatshirts.
Touch Stutter
A humorous look at those dogs who just have to stop at the top of the a-frame and check out the sights. We can't ask them what they are thinking but this dog agility tee-shirt design suggests one dog is looking over the length of the dog treat line.
Treat Line
This cartoon style Sheltie looks in innocent surprise at a jump bar lying on the ground and thinks "I have NO idea how that got there"  Agility is a good game to keep a sense of humor.
Bar Down
2 to Q
Our Way to Play
Our Way to Play
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