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Geek T-shirts
Geeks are So lovable and need special cool t-shirts. Always adding new designs so check back often - Inner Geek, Over Clocked, Geek-Ctrl-Alt-Del and more- Geek T-shirts That Rock.
Simple and to the point- Geek T-shirt for the serious OverClocker. Geeks and Gamers Overclock for better performance. Geek t-shirts for the Overclocker.
Geek t-shirts for the overclock determined geek. Overclockers do it fast- and they do.. so if you like it fast.. Find someone wearing this t-shirt and you will have yourself a genuine Overclocker too.
OverClockers Do it Fast
Yeah- You know who you are.. OverClocked But Keepin' it cool.. Geek T-shirts for the best Geek Clockers. Big fans, liquid coolants, what are you cooling with? Overclock that sucker but keep it cool. Geek t-shirts
OverClocked and Cool
What kind of geek is lurking inside you? Be free of the Geekless life you are leading now.. Become that geek.. Geek t-shirts to wear once you have come out of the closet.. (Oh sorry that's another topic) Geek t-shirts for even the most secret geek.
Inner Geek
Ctrl-Alt-Del was Invented by David Bradley, originally as an Easter Egg- until it got out to the programmers and became a cultural icon.. A much needed keyboard short cut for restarting (rebooting) your programs and computer. - BURN Geek T-shirts
If you're on Twitter, this is the shirt for you.  TwitterPated.Are you a Leader or a follower? Just Twitter you twit.
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