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Welcome to Shocka Jesus
Our Holy Lord Thy God doing the Shocker. Two in the pink, one in the stink. Party tshirts for people. Give them the gift of god/ the gift of shocka. Several styles to choose from. Bless you!
look at how chill and smooth Jesus of Nazareth pulls of the shocker.  The king of kings could only be that rad.  WWJD?  The Shocker???
Shocka J' no-text One
Are you ready to save mankind with the Shocker Jesus? He wants to help you, will you let him onto your chest?
Shocka Jesus no-text Two
This would be a great camping shirt or you could wear it to a secret beer party and drink beers if you wanted to.
Shocka Jesus no-text Three
Two from the Jesus, with one where it pleases.
Two from the Christ, with one in the shiest.
The Shocker at Dinner
Classic Art at it finest.  Shocka Jesus giving the shocker after meeting Mona Lisa. This dude is totally the King of Kings
Mona Lisa Shocka Jesus Framed
Nothin represents the shocker like our boy JC over here.
Shocka Jesus One
Water into wine sos we can party bros!
Shocka Jesus Two
What folly a t-shirt as this is.  Wizardry to say the least will be required to get laid wearing this shirt.  Shocka Jesus is not for the faint of heart. Smell it.
Shocka Jesus Three
The power of the scripture enlightens the brethren. The shocka foretells great awesomeness.
Shocka Jesus Four
Eat bread and drink from a cup for jesus with this radical tee. Jesus Likes a lil' shocka before his dinner.
Shocka Jesus' Last Supper
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