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Welcome to MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue
$5 of every item purchased supports MickaCoo, a volunteer-powered nonprofit that rescues, rehabs & rehomes domestic (unreleasable) pigeons & doves. Visit us at
June Bug was rescued in May 2009.  She was so sick, we named her June to help her to live that long. She has fully recovered and is now adopted!
June Bug
Rescued racing pigeon Clive adopted & photographed by Ingrid Taylar. See Clive's story <A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#ff9933">here</FONT></A>
Clive the Rescued Racing Pigeon
read Super Dovee's remarkable true story <A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#ff9933">here</FONT></A>
SUPER Dovee!
A super cool party & fundraiser in SF 6/8/13. Original artwork by Patricia Blau.
This Flock Rocks
Love is strong! Rescued by MickaCoo, homing pigeon Blanco & his unreleasable feral mate Bean fell in love at first sight.  
Read their story <A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#ff9933">here</FONT></A>
Bean & Blanco!
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