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Welcome to Autism Awareness
We are a family who is directly affected by Autism. Our 4 year old son, Arek has Autism and he is the inspiration behind this store and our designs. Every purchase you make from us will help out our family as well as other families like ours. Thank You!
If you look into the eyes you can see his Autism staring back at you. Don't let Autism fool you, he is a genius. Autism Awareness is the start of the journey.
It's an Autism thing
This is for all of you who are sick of people staring at your Autistic child when they have an episode. Good for either you or your child to wear. People need to be made aware of Autism.
All designs are made by our family and inspired by our Autistic son
Don't Stare, Be Aware!
Use your new found Awareness to help make change happen in the lives of those Autistic children and adults. Do at least 3 things mentioned in this design. Then tell everyone to do the same this is how change happens. Lets solve the puzzle now!
Autism Awareness is just the start!
Another design inspired by my son, Arek. I have seen this on bumper stickers with less positive messages on them. Don't be suprised if people ask what your shirt says. Be proud and tell them About Autism.
If you can read this
If you love someone with Autism then this design is for you. Show how proud you are of them. Let everyone know about the Autistic person in your life. Autism Awareness is just the beginning and you are taking the first step.
I love someone with Autism
April is Autism Awareness month! In our house every month is Autism Awareness month. With so many new cases of Autism it should be Autism Awareness month every month in everyone's home.
This Shirt will look good on any color shirt.
Autism Awareness month
Autism Awareness Basic
Autism Awareness Basic
Autism Awareness is Priceless. A spoof on the mastercard commercials. Design inspired by our son Arek who has Autism.
Autism priceless
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